Wow. August 2012 to almost August 2013. It’s an achievement for some because long hiatus from the digital world seem unworldly these days. People are practically glued to their mobile even while driving or ‘depositing’ gold at the loo.

Life goes on. Loosing love, find love, laugh, cry and all in between. What is life without some lulls? Reality is, life has been kind to me. My fellow comrade and I have survive a years of turbulences and heartache.

I don’t feel like sharing most of my life details with the world. Being in my 30s I somehow develop this inclination toward being rather private in the Net. Being in social media is just so I could stay connected with friends. I would rather have such conversation with people who are close to me. Posting  my wedding video’s highlight on social realm with the intention of fulfilling relatives request had make me feeling a bit queasy. That’s how rigid I’ve become.

Truth is. I’m rather preoccupied with my new found title. Having said that, now I have a roommate. So adjustment is in evitable. We are working on it one day at a time. A lot of negotiation and compromise is in order to make this a success.

Hurrah to the new life!