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Hello world ,this is me life should for everyone

I clutched my black leather handbag firmly and walk off the Monday blues today. It was a fine Monday morning. It’s started off pretty much as I envision it. My red kurung was nicely iron and pressed. I felt I’ve grown up a little today. I do not know if I depict what she want us to portray in our walk, talk and dressing, but I am pretty sure that my bright red kurung is alarming enough to cause few head turn today.

I stop listening to my favourite DJ today just to keep my mood check. I love her ramblings no doubt about that but her topic of conversation is rather gloomy and bleak these days that I was always under the weather by the time I reach my office. I have this negativity hanging over my head for the last couple of weeks. Like a little Astro dish picking up all the negative stuff around me.

Self-doubt is such a pain in the derriere. I sometime lost the sense of myself even my precious self-worthiness goes very quickly down the drain trapped in some murky water along the sewage treatment plant. At some point, I stood so low and feeling so small. I’ve learned that to take it seriously all people view, perception is just a dumb move.

Today, I have to sit through another tormenting session. First people are surprise to learn I’m 29 going to 30. Which is rather delightful actually, that I seem so much younger than I am but subsequently the 20 questions started. I do not know why some people think that they know what is best for other people. That one remedy works for all. Heck I sometimes am not sure of those myself. They think that being married as early as you possibly can is a sure factor to lifetime of happiness?  but I’ve seen marriages of 6 months, a year or even 10 years failed. Where is the assurance in that?

I just keep my mind busy playing with my hot honey latte cup. I know how far behind I am to the crowd, I do not need someone to remind me of what I already know. I do not wish to be part of the crowd if, by being in with them means I have to just take whatever lay before me. I do not want to just pick randomly out of desperation. If I want to I would have done so. Like other people I knew, we want to pick what is best for us. The luckiest found it early but some has to wait till we are ready.

I just turn off my mind for a while, just until the long 20 questions session finishes. I smile and keep drinking my honey latte. My red kurung is still prim and proper after a long day today. I enjoyed the free mandarin oranges of the kitchen bar, laughed occasionally to my mate lame jokes and shy off to my table, packed and headed down to my car.

For what it worth,my heart is still in tact today, not a scratch.



I get knocked down, but I get up again
You nay ever gonna keep me down
I get knocked down, but I get up again
You nay ever gonna keep me down
I get knocked down, but I get up again
You nay ever gonna keep me down
I get knocked down, but I get up again
You nay ever gonna keep me down

The Tub thumping can really kept me going. Who cares if the entire song is about bunch of people getting wasted. I just focus on the fiery chorus it can just lifted my sorry soul up. It’s a long day today. Missed lunch, rushing report, endless meeting, chasing paperworks, evidence, evidence and presentation. The usual boo-hoo.

Having said that, the busiest , job demand, attempt to propel a balance life, personal space, kids and husband women nowadays have evolve much. It amazed me how relevant is Quranic teaching thus-far . I got it why we are thought that cooking, tending to house chores is not a wife’s obligation but some what of a choice not to burden the wife. We have come to a time where being home after dark if a norm, tapauing is OK and proper home cook is in the weekend occasionally. Life are demanding now, a thousand ringgit is spent in a breeze, being housewife is a luxury if you want to have a comfortable life and get the best for your kids thus a lot need to be compromised these day. Laundry are shared responsibility, house chores are to be divided. Week old dirty laundry is OK. Launderette is OK.

I get it now. A husband that can accept such wife is the one men should try and be and for the ladies to sought after. Non- traditionalist uncommon husband type.

Things for Tods

I am not a girly girl. I admit. I am those that make do with what I have although sometime I got caught in the awkward situation where I do not have decent handbag for occasion or I just clearly look like a messy messy woman among real ladies.

Truth to be said, I don’t wear handbag to work. I just stuff everything in my backpack, jammed-packed. So my work gear is a backpack , a Tupperware water-container and my prayer bag.

Having said that, I never deny my woman’s need for bags although my sanity always steer me away from sales. I do not know every types of bag existed in the world, types of stitches, types of material or types of accessories.

But there is this kind of bags that keep me glued to window display. I like hobos. Hobo hobo hobo. There I said it!  The hobo bag is a style of handbag or purse that is typically large and characterized by a crescent shape, a slouchy posture and a long strap designed to wear over the shoulder. Tod’s hobo always leave me drooling .It’s big it’s roomy and it’s sturdy.I always have this soft spot for Tod’s. If you as me to pick between Tod’s and something else, I will surely be bias and pick Tod’s. Having said that, this is only in ideal world because Tod’s cost a fortune! and I never want to wear /spend a few thousand ringgit bag.

Well this post has no motive. Just that I come across Tod’s sales advertisement (which is never cheap pon!). So I googled and feast my eyes and indulges on my dream bags (fullfill my woman’s need)

Just look at this G bag by Tods, ignore the price tag and just indulge 🙂



I love coffee. I really love coffee. If coffee is a man, I probably proposed to it, and live happily ever after.My favourite foodblogger ,featured coffee in her food blog. I never knew that one way of making a coffee is mixing it up with cold water and let it sit/steep for at least 8 hours before you strain them. Memang harus bersabar!

Look at this beauty! It managed to make me run to kitchen and fix me up a cuppa of the delicious very very sinful coffee.Bliss


Taktaulah kamu sudah tahu atau bukan tetapi berumur 29 dengan berumur 27 besar perbezaannya. Walaupun hanya tukar ganti angka 9 dengan 7 tapi dari segi kesasaan badan(sasa ke?) dan ketahanan badan memang jauh. Macam matahari dengan planet pluto!

Saya asyik sakit2 pinggang, sakit kepala dan sakit belakang. Pantang sikap sikit, mula la badan meragam.

Tak dapat bayangkan bila masuk three series!

All hell break loose

Vague and overflows of emotion, teamed with a fickly mind of mine; it’s a recipe for disaster.

I have a bit of a scared last few months when my body clock seem to become a little bit hay wired. I pondered on it, I read on it and I Google on it in free time. I ruled out stress but circled hormonal imbalance, thyroid, and worst some female type of diseases. I dread about a visit to gynea but at the back of my mind I strongly believe that the day will surely arrive.

Thinking the worst I wonder if the visit will uncover the ugliest of truth. Of anything that could make me left with being half a lady. I scared of what will it make me or what mean.

I’m being somewhat selfish today. I also have a seriously dangerous self-doubt lately. I literally shock my head a couple of time to ward it off but it just stuck there like been imprinted on my skull. I hate feeling of insecurity and self-doubt about matter of heart, marriage and future life.

Maybe just maybe I should lay low for a while and stop being such a pain.

Late Period & Biology clock

Am I maternal? Am I not?

I am not confident in holding a new born thus, often I shy away or try not to hold one in front  of public. I was afraid of mis- handling them.

Anyway, maternal or not, I encounter this question again and again, in the form of that cute little daughter and son of my friends. I uuhh and ahh just looking at cute baby jumper or booties. And those pretty sparkling innocent eyes.

I’ve known people who really one kids but having to travel a harder path to get concieved. There are also those who think the timing was not exactly right with their shaky financial stand and those who never one but easily got it.

Herm…, I keep thinking about period too much hence the babies talk (Gosh!)

I am an avid counter of my own cycle.Lateness drive me up the wall. Here are 10 reason “Why your period is late”

  1. Stress
    Stress can affect many things in our lives, including our periods. Sometimes we’re so stressed out that our body decreases the amount of a hormone (GnRH), which causes us to not ovulate or menstruate. Working with your doctor or midwife can help you figure out what you need to do to relax and get back on schedule.
  2. Illness
    A sudden, short illness or even a longer illness can cause your periods to be delayed. This is usually temporary.
  3. Change in Schedules
    Changing schedules can really throw off your body clock. This is particularly true if you go from days to nights at work or vice versa.
  4. Change in Medications
    Perhaps you’re trying a new medication and a delayed or absent period is the cause. Be sure to talk to your doctor or midwife about this side effect. It is very common with some methods of birth control.
  5. Being Overweight
    Carrying around too much weight can hormonally shift your cycles and even stop them. Most women will see a return to normal cycles and fertility with the loss of some weight.
  6. Being Underweight
    If you do not have enough body fat you will not have regular periods, sometimes you can eve cause your periods to stop all together. This is called amenorrhea. Typically a weight gain will help you have your periods return. This is a frequent cause of a missed period in women who work out to an extreme or are professional athletes.
  7. Miscalculation
    The menstrual cycle varies from woman to woman. While we say that the average menstrual cycle is 28 days long, that is not true for everyone. Sometimes our period is believed to be late when in all actuality we have simply miscalculated. If you have irregular menstrual cycles, but know when you ovulate, look for your period about two weeks after you ovulate. That may help you keep an easier track of your periods.
  8. Peri-Menopause
    Peri-menopause is the period of time where you are transitioning from reproductive age to a non-reproductive age. Your periods may be lighter, heavier, more frequent or less frequent – but mostly just not normal. If you do not wish to get pregnant, be sure to continue to use birth control because you are likely to still be fertile at least some of the time.
  9. Menopause
    Menopause is when you have reached the point in your life where you will no longer ovulate or menstruate. Menopause can be a natural life event or may happen surgically through hysterectomy or through chemical such as chemotherapies.
  10. Pregnancy
    Finally! Yes, your missed period might be because you’re pregnant! A simple pregnancy test can usually help you determine if you have missed your period because you are pregnant. The urine pregnancy tests and blood pregnancy tests look for the hormone hCG.

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