My affair with food

Nothing excited me more that food. I love good food and always wanted a proper kitchen where I can whip up something to my liking. To experiment and fail, to cook and be proud. So when I’m stress out after a long day at work, I can quietly retreat to my humble kitchen and prepare a hearty soup. And the world will be just right once again.

To make my affair into a joyous event, I need /must get the right equipment. Right is not in the sense of function but also pleasing to the eye.

I need a good food processor, a nice Dutch oven, a wicked normal electric oven, one mean refrigerator and rather handsome coffee presser (preferably Bodum, it make my heart skip a beat!). Having said that, the pocket is still quite dry this season. Perhaps over time I’ll get all that I want.

I have never attempted any DIY.  I’m really scared to start one and I think I want to embark into one massive DIY project. It will involve removing and repainting and repurposing. I don’t know if I have a knack in doing home improvement work but like wise man said, in life never left stone unturned. Wish me luck! I need it. Seriously.


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