Shade of grey

My place is pretty much as it is. Thousand times I decided to do, and thousand times more I contemplate. I could not find the shades of grey that I want. The surfing has been long and the result is unpromising. The occasional store hopping is pretty much tiring.

I want a clean grayish-white wall. Black and white and grey with occasional untreated wood here and there. If it permits, there’ll be explosions on color on smaller items just to give it some character. But yet it has not materialized.

I’m glad he approves of my choice .Shaz and I, if you have met us will know that we prefer simple and practical things. I am glad that both of us are on the same page on this.

Old furniture will be shipped out soon. Hurrah for a little bit of progress! However I have decided to salvage one of the wardrobe and the kitchen cabinets (for now). Truth to be said, I could not set my priority just right. My bearing is off. I want to buy everything and nothing at the same time.

My walls are still not grey. Repainting work has to be put on the back burner until all the soon-rendang-fatness settle in my tummy. Shaz will definitely be deployed for this mission. I cannot do all 8 walls and stair case on my lonesome. I have curtains to be re-sewed. Probably a mattress and some kitchen stuff to put in. It will look like a home pretty soon, every single piece that I brought in to the house almost bring tears to my eyes

It’s probably nothing to some, but acquiring these 1000 square feet concrete was an emotional journey for me. At last, in this corner of the country I have something that I could call home.


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