Yesterday I was frantically looking high and low for one of his hantaran. Cold sweat running through my body just to think that I’ve lost it. I’ve bought it but now I lost it.

Only after two calls later that I realize mum already took it back to kampung.

I’m nervous. Yes I am. Whether thing going to get ok, is my baju alright? And The makeup? Will it make me look like ‘opera cina’. I seldom doll up, wear eye shadow or mascara. How do I look? will i look ok? Or not. Is the hantarans enough, the food to serve, is it going to be ok? Will they like it? I get all jumpy thinking about it. Why that I can do the crazy job I’m in now and a simple arrangement like this drove me up the wall.?

My friend keep telling me the first 5 years of marriage is challenging. I have not been in the league yet but the heat is on. Yes it is.

Tomorrow, I’m going to meet a bunch of good friends. Hope this can help me to unwind. If not all just for a little bit.


2 thoughts on “Button

  1. sketcherz says:

    when the exact date? am i invited? hehe. kot rajin nak drive ke grik nnt

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