Coughing non-stop and my throat has started to burn. Blocked nose. An incredibly uncomfortable feeling mushrooming especially when you breathing get shorter and you hardly can speak. There my friends, haze season is back. I’m all decked out in my Afgan, prancing around the office looking like a wet mop, sniffling and snorting.
This last report was a bit of a struggle to complete. Hurdles are everywhere, stress level like a mountain and nothing is as it seems but as usual, monkey see, monkey do. Too bad, we are the monkey after all.

Boring stuff a side.

It’s finally felt real.

I never know it was such a hassle to even choose paint, or a floor or a couch. I stare at the empty space and nothing comes out, nada.Nothing pop out of my head beside a sense of pride and achievement.

I have not done anything, it still raw and pretty bare.

Despite the scariness, I have achieved a tiny fraction of my dream, to have a place that I can call home to be share with my love one.

Wow, that’s another thing that is surreal too.

Will let you know once ribbon are finally tied.


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