The Happiness Project and other bilis-ly attempt

I wish am this organize!

Being happy is merely a perspective. I clean my room to be happy. I threw away 5 (yes five!) bags of rubbish (gee..I was a hoarder)

I packed,wrapped ,labelled  bags of unused and unwanted clothing hoping to hand it over to those who need. Every time I completed the task (sneezed all over myself, dusty dusty room) I’m beaming with smile. A sense of accomplishment although how small are a spark of happiness to me. I have become so easily amuse at this age.

I woke up and switch on the radio, secretly dance to the beat half awake, half rationale, half myself. That make me rather happy too. Ha-Ha

During last christmas, feeling a bit festive,I bought little fairy lights and hang it up my bedroom, make my own night light . Small flickering light also make me happy. Easy!

How to be happy when things get tough? Well, every time shit happen, I try and think of those people less fortunate. Just to remind me how less shitty my problem is and it is not as bad as those people. That is a small pick-me-up thought that get me through the day.

If it didn’t work? I go and get myself an ice-cream, preferably vanilla flavor (on second thought, MUST be vanilla ). Ha-ha-ha


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