Life meaning

I received a so-called pep talk from the Respectable couple of day ago. In between thinking about the system ID that went wrong, the job that piling up in an instance and thinking about my low battery smartphone, I remember clearly that he asked me whether this is the department I want to flourish in. Whether I have find meaning in the life and job that I do. Whether this is my true calling.

Finding meaning in life/job is not as easy as a simple nod or a smile.

I for once, am sure that I am less ambitious in climbing the corporate ladder at a speed of light.

Then I ask my hearty what I truly want. Sadly, heart also do not have a direct answer.Meaning in life is just too hard, too big and too fluid to even justified in words. I can be sure at one time and unsure at the others.

As of now, all I want is when day are over.TIred and worn out but I can still genuinely smile thinking about what I did. Happy. Contented and at peace with myself.


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