30 years and 8 days: Marinated but not quite ready

You see, I have devise a certain unique way of benchmarking this particular franchise. Success of my meal depends entirely on its potato salad. I find that the potato salad of this very said outlets were never the same. They will have the same potatoes washed and halves. The same kind of spring onion diced, the same salad sauce mixed to marinate the potatoes but there is always a way to diferentiate their potatoes salad. I had this one salad with taste of earth/dirt in those cute little potatoes. Mind you it was washed, given their strict kitchen rule( that i know of), but somehow that very perculiar taste shine thru and it wasn’t so bad. Seriously. Just like I don’t hate the bitterness of bittergourd anymore or the fact that I kinda love them now.

20120203-013219 PM.jpg
Turning 30 also wasn’t as bad as I dread it to be. Despite the fact that, physically we are aging , i feel nothing have change except I’ve become more excepting of things that I missed out, things yet to be done, and things as there is.



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