Extremely self absorbed post

I love hanging out with friends. Given the circumstances it have been ages since I do that. Firstly, because most of my buddies are married, away, busy. Secondly, it is because of the fact that we seem to have failed miserably synchorinizing our schedule to even crossed path during the 3 most important meals of the day.

Busy world my friend!

It was rare ocassion where I can tapped into my married friend’s life as well. I went to a baby fair recently and it was splendid. With the extra fat that I carry around on my midrift I smoothly blend in with all the preggy mummy there. It was kinda fun actually when the receptionist help me filled in some survey that I’ve decided there and then to pretend being a single mother with a 5 year old kids or when some guy with sorry eyes offer me a sit as I was half bending backwards carrying baby stuffs.I roamed around learning stuff about diapers, confinement kit, strechmarks and all sort of thing while occasionally bumping into baby stollers. They are everywhere!

Even in those very hectic fair I have this sinking feeling that I am actually out off place and the fact that I missed those excitement approaching 30s. I quickly brushed off the thought from my mind. I never confident to take care if such delicated being. I sometimes even neglect my cat for few days. But once a while thr maternal instinct kicked in especially looking at those cute face and innocent eyes. Imagine seeing them in dozens in one morning. Babies overload!

Yeah, so that is it. I kinda digs babies nowadays.


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