Of dolsot bibimbap

This is a yucky bibimbap. I do not know whether I’ve no longer fancy the korean food or it’s actually tasted like pecal with korean sos.My diagnose, something is wrong with the beef.
Kimchi is so so, lost it zing and the potatoes , ermm dont let me start on the potatoes. Or perhaps of the lack of company or I’ve grown bitter. Or perhaps this auntie is downgrading all her best ingredients due to economy.

I just hope she don’t walk by and ask me why I’ve left the most chuck of the food untouch. She just too sweet of a lady to be told such things

Clock turn, color fades, love lost, things found. Life just folded itself in shape we hardly recognize these day. Dad perservere fighting the battle which I think I lost too early sometimes. Defeat is far but , sometimes I’ve surrender when I see how cancer fiercely strangle his soul and body and suck away every drop of happiness from his life, i feel defeated. Shame on me.

Work is as it is. Just work. Heart are devided, dream are different and bills to be paid. Nothing profound or patriotic. The malfunction gazilloin dollar super high tech building leave me in a deep sigh. Is this what we have become? To always look nice but nothing is what expected. Just a substance over form.

20111006-083633 PM.jpg


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