Well and be well

I sink into the plastic chair even deeper. My head heavy and my eyes heavier. My attempt to stay awake thrive the sleepiness when kids scream and man sigh and lady wept. All in pain.
I just complete my 7 hours driving across states. All worn out, my sad little tummy scream for food. Only to be filled once my dad condition is in order. Mum is half awake beside me. Poor mummy.

I was entertaining my concious discussing about tomorrow. How I wish my work are flexi enough for me to skip the morning. I guess corporate world doesn’t really come with that advantage although they been bragging for centuries that they are. Truth is an organization is one souless being. Unless you are a golden egg or a mother hen that lay golden egg you are more or less dispensable.

I’m mortified by the saying that “if you are 30 and still not happy with your work, you going to be unhappy forever”. I only have few more months to go and I am not entirely happy with it. Oh well, I dont feel like taking about it.

Gulp! I just met a bloody man in this room.


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