I set my mind. I need to go through with an open mind. A sponge. Absorbing information. It was a lie if I told you that I was calm and collected when the boss drops the bomb. In my entire career (a short stint really), I have never get the chance to attend an international event such as this.

So there it was. 3 days have passed and conference has ended. Conference is like another fancy name for school for adult. There’s good and bad presenter. There’s chaos and confusion when you tried to instruct 3000 delegates. It’s like an Olympic for IA. Glad that’s come to an end.

I was watching Islands & Beaches host by the hunky Henry Golding. Between his cuteness and his slightly bimbo-ish charm his words gets to me. He mentions that he has had best of both worlds. He experience free and happy childhood in Malaysia and grow up being a man in England. He said that traveling allows you to put in perspective things that we ignore, it’s helped us to realize and broaden our views and understand more.

What I’m trying to say is I need a vacation. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city where I can for a while forget who I am and just live.



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