Over teh tarik

It’s a fine Monday. Start with a pouring rain early of the morning which subsides as day goes by. I was already on the road early of the day, drop off my sibling at university, dodging traffic in Bangsar road, speeding in Tun razak and only to get caught in traffic again when I approach the Pahang roundabout. This part of the city is such a chaotic place. Probably because Pahang road is merging with chow kit (batu road as known to some people) is once the heart of Kuala Lumpur activities. Unarranged and disorganized, yet there is so much stories and life that converge here at this very spot.

After few time circling the hospital, I manage to squeeze my car somewhere at the end of the very wet & slippery parking lot with chunks of stone popping here and there. You have to hold tight to your steering wheel as sometimes the rocks become too slippery that its’ change the direction of your car if you slip.

Parked and locked, I made my way to the front gate where the nephrology clinic located. I saw a group of people swarming the forensic area. No tears was in place so, I wonder what the fuss is about. Few dark blue forensic jeeps approaching the area followed by a van jenazah but no tears in the eyes of the people there. Am curious.

I just walked to the main gate. Instead of turning right to the nephrology clinic, I walk past it heading to the pedestrian crossing bridge. I saw that small warung right at the curb of Jalan Bidor off Jalan Pahang. There is a small concrete triangle once build as a pedestrian walk way that are now occupied by the warung.

I took the pedestrian crossing, climbed the flight of stairs. I sense another person behind me in torn jeans and shabby grey t shirt. He’s dark, oily face with unwary eyes. His hair was wavy and messy. My head send a signal to me so I held my bag extra tight only to let it go with remorse when I saw him carrying a clear plastic in his left hand with medication. He just sick not dangerous. I shake off the skepticism that I held on people even when I try hard not to. There are two homeless guys sleeping soundly on the bridge.

As I make way going down the bridge a smell hits me. Its pungent aroma almost makes me puke. If I may describe its smell sourly with a hit of vomit and god knows what else. It’s the drain! Clogged and over spilled. Silently I cursed the maintenance people (gomen tak buat kerje la ni! prfft!)of not doing their work but then again conscience strike me when I saw the restaurateur pour all the leftover into the drain, all the spoilt cabbages, anchovies, noodles, fishcake,fishball,curry soup you get the picture don’t you? Gosh we Malaysian are hard work! We are too laid-back and used “takpelah”, “it’s ok”, “ boleh je” to justify all our inappropriate action. “Takpelah, buang dalam longkang nanti air bawak hanyut, takpelah nanti kucing makan, its ok nanti terurai la sebab organik” Please use you brain and think of consequences of all your action.

Civic minded. (Not the Rm113k Honda civic). This is what we lack of. By a proper definition civic-minded means having, showing or actively carrying out one’s concern for the condition and affairs of one’s community. I personally have no idea where all this has started and we have become a society that we are now. Taking things to easy, no sense of respect of the law (until summons and court order appears), lack of courtesy, have been woven too tightly in our society which make untangling are such an impossible task. People will start pointing fingers, teachers, parents, government, society, enforcement, environment, politics and all the thingamabobs and nothing was done by the end of the day. We keep on living and keep on blaming.

I look upon KLCC and Putrajaya. Vision 2020 is a great and fantastic thing, which will help stride Malaysia to achieve a fully developed nation status. But sadly often we talk about Vision 2020 as if our only concern is the development measured in term of buildings, cars, information technology, offices, shopping malls, condominiums, hotels, towers, golf course, more condominium and townships.

Today, the country has more than 20 million registered vehicles and if we are not careful in the near future Malaysia may have more vehicles that it’s 28 million people, just like New Zealand has more sheep that its population

What it takes to change this mind set that was forge to our society that status matters, that the end justifies the means? We can do just about any thing as long as we can get rich?

I wonder and wonder over teh tarik that had already gone cold by now. Because to me a status of develop nation are just word on paper if the society are not cultured and civilized.

Where do we begin?

I sipped my cold the tarik slowly.


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