Ticking clock

Wow. Where should I even begin?

Manchester won against Chelsea with an easy 2-1 aggregate. The usual boo-hoo.

Life is a pitch. Every one of us is a player of our own game. We lose, then we sobbed and grief. We won, and then we smile and brag. And sometimes you get injured during the game, you scream for the pain is so unbearable you wish you have never taken part but this is one game where words like ‘stop’ and ‘quit’ don’t apply.

We heard about people who lost and we respect people who come out of it stronger.

Over the things that life throws at me, I learn to persevere and accept. However sometimes, I do whine and complaint and want more. Herm, I have another 3 days before I leave this place. So much so have happen in 9 months. Again, I will stride this vast ocean for a new journey with hope and dream of a better life. Silently I do wish this will be my last move (3rd times a charm yeah?) Not because I’m tired of starting over but because deep down in my heart I wish this is the one.

The last 9 months, I’ve learn a lot about working on the other side. Meet kinder people and the impossible one. It was never a waste of time. It may be a rather short span of working life but I will treasure always.

I love how my life has turn out to be, although I may sometimes wish for stronger financial and ample free time for traveling (which honestly I only did it in dreams) but it was never sweeter without the efforts. I believe that I was given a harder and trickier road maybe because God knows and believe that I can burst through and make a wider path for my life. I have had my fair share on easy life, I’ve fight my way through before so am going to fight my way up and not losing the battle.

For what it’s worth, learning from experience is the best thing that could ever happen to you. It clarifies your view, thought and your stand in steering your life.


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