It’s end of April. Yesterday was paycheck day. However, this time it is consider as the “promising paycheck” as it suppose to be the increment day as well. Better luck next time; it wasn’t much of a celebration. First because there are no chattering mates in the office (read: outstation) and the increment was not favorable at all.

Having said that, I was almost in tears opening my paycheck. It’s shocked me how emotional I’ve become. Last few months, I starting to realize how precious every dime is. How much cut was made to the payment, what it is for, and how it’s going to affect me.

Blatantly I reckon, this must be due to the streams of money liquidate from my savings and the fact that I honestly wish to start a new life soon. I felt a true remorse to my inconsiderate behavior while growing up, stomping and making a face when my parents refuse to buy me stuff I wanted. It is hard work to earn a living. Nothing less.

On my way to collect murakami’s and to pick up my boyfriend out for dinner, I was glued to BFM (as always) interview session with two cab drivers. Imagine driving around for 12 hours a day but in return they only get RM3 per day. Imagine that? I can’t help but feel sorrier to cabbie, with the sky-rocket price of petrol (thanks to NGV subsidiaries for cab-but poket still berlubang every month), no wonder they haggle sometimes.

What struck me the most is not the ridiculousness of way they make a living – as you always in the loosing end; but the perception of the customer? A “foreigner” (not those that causing trouble here in motherland) is more sympathetic towards them then us. We are not only a bad tipper but also conning those honest cabbies.

If you are an honest drive, do not drive like “orang gila”, ensure my safety and have courtesy to your customer, I would not mind giving you a generous tip then to buy tissue from blind (tactic that mushrooming everywhere now) that end up driving home with a nicely polished Toyota Vios; – chauffeur driven – that is another story for another post!


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