But change is never a waste… it’s never a waste of time

There goes March. The week after next, April will come knocking.

It is interesting really of the sudden twist of event. I remember how sweaty I am walking away from that institution wandering whether I was con by some Dato’ but I sit myself down and take a step back. I was having an unreasonable panic moment actually. No. I was not con by that honest Dato’.

After 2 weeks of sleepless night while carrying my heart out in my hand, it works out. Thanks to Allah, it’s finally work out! I am very grateful of the blessing you bestow upon me .It is a dream really, no matter how old and the degree of work need to be done (not that much considering the age), it’s still keep me smiling ear to ear from time to time like a fool. I feel like hugging everyone I met yesterday. Honestly!

I am still a bit hazy of the next step. I am still contemplating of what to do and how to go there. But I believe I’ll get the hang of it eventually. But boy am I proud of it! That 1455 square of bricks wall are my dream. If I were abandon or left alone in this world I finally have a place to return to. Home. But like most young-careered person like me with maybe I have to wait another year or two to really enjoy you. Reality is my one man salary is just too tight to enjoy you at the moment.

So this week I ‘m going to clean and polish you my dear grey elephant and start our love affair that I hope will transcendent time.


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