Old entry : Hand clasped in a dark brown wool mitten.


I walked to class in a bleakly wet day today. This is the most significant temperature drop I have experienced so far. Being the newbie, my lips and nose are almost numb as I reach the bus stop. And my nostril froze causing a very agonizing breathing experience ever. A-ha-ha…that’s is just too much. Blatantly theatrical as ever. Nah…last two sentences are just my random imagination nitwit.

Having a typical Monday blues, I almost have to drag myself to class. Plus I have to adjust my head a bit today as this is the first Molecular Biology class that I have to not only attend and participate but also to tried as hard as I can to stomach all those foreign terminology that seem very intriguing to know but sure are hard to remember. And the exam.*migraine*Luckily it was designed for amateur like me. Specifically catered for computer science scientist as how the lecturer nicely put it.

I have a rather unlucky class timetable for Monday. As everyone start to make the first steps we have to speed up.4 different classes that arranged one after the other with 1 hour gap each. Anyway, its all over today. Phew!It’s all went well ,alright.

Let me describe a bit about my room that I have my precious ‘typewriter’ sitting at the corner, while having a ‘cigar’ as words flows like water into my scorn fingers. Idea…idea…idea.. (berangan macam famous writer.JK Rowling start tulis HP installment dekat coffee shop kat sini…so hahaha…allowed me)

It was red. As you walks in the first thing that captured your eyes will be the degree of redness of this room. I was supposed to bought an orange bed covers and duvet cover however, as an over qualified interior designer I have fails to associate the lighting of the room into my calculation. With rather dimmed yellow bulb. It’s have becoming more reddish that it’s supposed to look.

Surprisingly, I like it.

The most common question that I been asked so far will be, how’s life?Everythings ok overthere?Have you got enough? So my beloved, let me tell you that I am OK.I have settle down, my things are in the right order. There is a few bumps here an there. Minor one. But hey, that’s life.! No such things as smooth sailing all the way. I met with very kind and interesting people along the way. New friends, new family, new adorable little munchkins who insist on playing choo- choo trains before bedtime*smile*Little curios neighbors, bubbly bus driver and let me say all and all, everything is alright.

Truth be said, it is a little lonely being thousand of miles away from home. It has always been a dream to be here. Am happy about it but you know, as what people said, if I were given the Dorothy red slippers….Hello Kansas!!

I posted up a picture of a very nice walk the other day. That will be my daily 15 minutes walk to bus stop. Its green, its calming and its cold. Edinburgh is not named as the windy city for nothing. My daily ritual begin with this walk. To reached the bus stop I have to cross the beautiful Union Canal. Ducks are swimming. Seagull are flying and even sometimes the picturesque image of swan flying and landing smoothly on the water with a very minimal ripples created.Masya-Allah. The lorry with a big sign ‘Edinburgh is not an ashtray” will definitely passed by at least 1.All the ‘dog people’ will be out in the walk taking their little precious for a morning walk and “shi-shi” and “poo-poo” if you know what I mean*wink*

I have been dead boring several days before and still is. Being the geek that love book, I have been dying to grab at least one and start reading again. I am suppose to have at least one decent book to read as I already put it in my hand luggage however due to space constraint I heavy heartedly took it out and left it in the comfort of my warm and cozy bookshelf. I have beaten myself a few times already for not buying at least one book at the car boot sale the other week. How am I going there again? I can only depends on invitation from people that equipped with the ‘four wheel vehicles‘. I am as you should have known by now are car-less.

Today I have rather a light bukak puasa feast. I was only back by 5-ish and the couple is out to town and back home rather late as well.Bukak puasa is at 615.They have the fish and chips while I stick to my eastern cuisine, roti canai dengan kuah dal.Huhu.

Last weekend we went to bukak puasa organized in Edinburgh University. If I were given limited words to describe. Stunning old building. Beautifully preserved and crafted. The Old Moray House is eye catching. If you love old bricked unpainted building this is one of the many worth visiting. Exaggerate lagi la nie.Isk. Sila hakimi sendiri. Oh ya, I saw my favorite book on film the other day .The Unpainted House. Little Luke was far cute than I imagine.

I know my way to the city already. It is always North Bridge. Meat,chicken,brinjal,cabbage,kebab,it’s all there catered specifically for Moslem. I think I should go further away. Leave the North Bridge area for necessity errand and enjoy the other part of the city. Go to Ocean terminal,Leith Walk, Royal Garden or climb the Edinburgh castle. Go to where people do not know you. Go to where you are stranger. Go to where you can lost your self in the crowd.Chewah…melodrama la pulak.Yes I which to discover all this, to explore and to know this foreign land intimately. A little could I asked is for a buddy to went along but I guess Master here is for lonely people. Its singular in nature.

*Am telling myself to stop being such a wimp*

My new past time, is to read script. Script from good movies, philosophical, deep, moving two way conversational dogma that one have about life.

You know what? This is too much already. I better save some for my next posting. Cheerios!

P/s – I think I’m getting lighter. The morning brisk walk can do wonders you know..*wink*


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