Yesterday, emotion dictated my writing. I do not wish to object but I am merely frustrated of how thing were. But I move on, as life required me to. There is no point of deluging in thoughts like that because I know pretty well that most of what happen in life are totally out of my control. It’s beyond me and more in the jurisdiction of the higher power. I just feel like venting it out. I need to get it out of my system. As of the prospect of “dotting the I and crossing the T”, it still vague at the moment. But it’s OK. I am OK with that.

My patience sells short these days. Traveling from point A to B, my steering wheel bare witness that I had been cursing like water. I totally hate people that cut queue. It tick me off.Pissed. A simple rules as to queue up and wait for your turn is unimaginably hard for people that make me wonder how the corruption and backdoor culture are too hard to banish. People want easy way out. Park as closest as you can to the mall door even when it means leaving your car in the middle of the road, blocking some innocent shopper that parked in the designated yellow box.

Ok. I should not talk about stressful things. Its stress me out and wear me off.

Inhale. Exhale deeply.

On other note, this second month of 2011, I am going to bid farewell to the gym. It was sad to think of my emptied evening without it. I was not a religious exerciser, no hot smoking abs or body to show off but I was happy of the time spent there, from power walk to running to kick boxing to strength training I have work out as many muscles that I do not know exist before. Exercising (read sweating like hell) has brought me joy. I work hard and it shows result. I feel healthier, happier and confident. So bidding farewell to the gym kind of heartbreaking. My previous work do not gave me much chance to workout but my current does. Sadly, commitments piling up and I can’t shelve as much money for gym at the moment. Ironically now that I have time I do it, I do not have the means to make it happen. Like Murakami said “Whatever it is you’re seeking won’t come in the form that you’re expecting”


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