Puny words

Bookworm makes me realize how weak I have become. I can only construct word not more than 5 letters. On some lucky attempt I manage to build words with 6 to 7 letters. Very seldom an 8 and hardly any longer.

Brain is a muscle that need workout from time to time where as language is fluid and kind of organic. After a while with less practice it will just disappeared from our “six pack-less” brain replace but some other things.

Like 10 years ago, I can somehow construct sentences in Mandarin. Sang few mandarin songs and know exactly what its’ means but as of now, it just bits and pieces here and there. I know “chong liang” means taking a bath and “yo young “mean swimming but I can hardly pronounce it correctly let alone write it. It is a sad sad thing.

Being less busy these days somehow hindered me from reading. Weird how it turns out, that I have more things to do then last time or even it just human nature, conjuring unnecessary reason to not doing when you have to. I even skip gym for months now. Bad!! Macam mana nak jadi Kara Gouther nih?


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