My relationship with a brown discolored shoe

Warn out, discolored and dirty. The way it looks is in tandem of the way I feel about it but only in reverse. It is a pair of experienced shoes. If it was a man, he is wiser and contented with life already.

Despite the worn out look, it was extremely comfy. It won’t be too much of exaggeration if I said, I walked thousand miles, seeing different world and indulge in different culture with him. It easily pair with jeans or baju kurung.

There are time when I ignore it and just shoved it at the corner of my trunk and took out only when it all dusty and almost forgotten. But trusty (krusty?) old shoe never let me down.

It is already so much of me to even think of throwing it away. Aku simpan engkau sampai mega buruk baru let go boleh?


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