Side tracked and find better trail

I like to give my life a reality check from time to time.

At the moment, life pretty much agrees with me.

I have been through a rather funny and out of my normality experience. I agreed to meet up with a stranger. A stranger in a sense that I do not know at all but someone else did. So it’s not the blind date kind of thing. It hardly a date. It’s rather be called social meeting in group.
I am a cautious, risk-free gall. Playing safe is what I favor most. I have been too comfortable with stagnant life that I rather feel comfy than great. Life can be described as dull as a monotone television, digit 1 and 0 in digital and plain grey.

Hey it does not work but who cares.

Again I meet another stranger. And this time it works! You see. Life can be unexpected as it wants to be.

Talking about the unexpected, it has been an emotional roller coaster ride last few days. I almost went into sulk that day. I received the most uneasy news late one evening. I swallowed it hard. I mentally tried to make myself believe that everything was OK. Accepted it and go on with all the other pieces left but as the weekend approaches I felt so bad and so unworthy.

I needed to whine, but didn’t want to annoy anybody with my whining, but as we suppress those feeling it becoming very high in pressure. As a result I end up whining to everyone in the house.

I was supposed to enjoy the ‘benefits’ that come looking for me today but so much I wanted to celebrate it I only left feeling mix-up. But I really like it when I forget about it. I felt happy.

So guys, what do you expect of life you living in?
What do you really really expect?

I used to have this vivid utopia of how I want to lead my life. Perfect

But soon enough I realize that life is never a bed of roses. Look what happen to people in Jogjakarta.

Looks at all those in the news. The hardship and blood they shed for an idea of independent.

On a smaller scale, we experience how hard life is every single day. How hard it was to wake up everyday and take the journey to work. The traffic, people swearing, and all sorts of things make it a ‘fight’ to go to work. At work, where people belittle your ability, makes stories to put you down, back stabbed. It really is a battle day in day out.

But dreams keep us going. Make us shoved every negativity thrown at us. Make us feels alive that there is thousand of possibility that might comes our way that will make us better. Make us felt that deep down inside that I am OK.

Better still, I am more that OK…I am GOOD

On being very optimistic, must be coupled with awareness that life was never a bed of roses. Don’t always buy the idea that doing good will gets a good return as well. We work hard but in return we also might fall a few hundred times before we succeed.

Like what Thomas Edison said

I have not failed 1000 times but instead I find 1000 of ways to make it work.


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