Lover, where are thou?

It was warm and fuzzy, cold and windy. The temperature of my feelings. I almost cried missing Edinburgh today. Thanks to Google map, I’ve stalked the square-ish brick house I used to occupy. The trampoline still there. The weirdly angled backyard that shape like a pizza gone bad. The blue car that always in courtyard hardly moved.

Weird as it must seem, I think what I miss most was not the country but the secured feeling and how much I am in control of my future at that point of time.  To me, if Malaysia is my mother, Edinburgh is like a lover that I don’t quite understand yet. I wanted to be with it, understand it and embrace it. The excitement, the exploration that have yet to bored me. But like any good dream there is reality that equally wonderful. Being with the ‘mother’ is the ultimate fulfillment. There is so much to do and to achieve here. So many wonderful things to explore.

Yes, I read the news today on how bad the economy is over there. Ireland needs a bail out and the European Union fund to be injected to that country which Britain need to support 13.2%. This is from British taxpayer money. The inflation rises hitting the ceiling and Governor Bank of England need to write an official letter to their department of Treasury explaining such incident

Mmmm….. * A long pause after reading that news



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