Life: Peachy! So live life! *shouting

Today ride was impeccably smooth.

I can count by finger how many time I need to put pressure on my break pad. Chewah!

I glanced at my RM30 ringgit Mydin watch. It shines proudly on my wrist telling me time. I can’t really live without one; I used to be a time freak. Punctuality is my middle name. I hate to wait and make people wait. I’ll be there earlier or on the dot. But now at certain extend, I become lenient in the issue of time as I also have learnt that not everything is black and white. Sometime grey, sometime blue and sometime a bit pink-ish with little purple flowers. I would like to think I’ve aged gracefully and aren’t as cynical as before.


I am expert in conjuring an optimistic reason to wash away guilt or frustration. I guess it a good remedy that works. How are you expecting to live life thinking you are a disappointment to yourself, family, friends and God? Like the disappointment lurking at every corner and waiting… just waiting for you to turn on their ways.

Oh…oh in between writing this post, I read Ucu’s blog. Man you book review make me hungry of doughnut! Napsu Napsi nih!

Napsu make me marched into hypermarket and bought a sizable pumpkin. In my mind or more specifically my taste buds, I craved for gulai lemak labu. Thick and creamy. But in the end I left it at the foot of kitchen table for almost a week until I felt sorry for it yesterday. Since I cooked chicken rice (another attempt to save my chicken breasts that was bought a few days earlier), it doesn’t seem ok to cook a gulai lemak labu. Mane masukkan? I was left with two option pumpkin pudding or keria labu. Since milk is not available and I am now (sadly) lactose intolerant, I opt for the later. Ok la…Keria labu was a good effort although it looks like stale shrinking doughnut from outer space.

See…I am not only an optimist but also a kitchen scientist!

However my napsu for shopping have grown stale. I look at 70% or 50% labels with one eye. At one point I almost questioning my gender-inclination. Did I mistakenly consume testosterone until I no longer bother by those sales? Or perhaps I have become a true blood cheapskate? Or perhaps my young (?) soul was ripped out of my ribcage and I super sped into becoming an old geese? *horrid. Or perhaps I am too content with myself? (Good or bad?)

I don’t know. I’m flabbergasted

Now I actually saw Krispy Kreme original glaze prancing in my brain *Nose bleed


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