So Called Domestic Talk

I have this on periodic basis. A sudden jolt of domesticity. I am trying hard to educate myself on property management and investment but at certain event I would rather feast my eyes on the pretty house interior than bother myself on the price.

I have paint a pretty details picture of house/apartment I am going to live in*dream on!* It does not have to be big, as long as it cozy enough for two or perhaps a little toddler. Once family grows, I’ll just find another place that suit the current family size and need.

My biggest dream is space. The place does not have to be big. A place of 800 sqf is good enough provided it is look spacious, airy and got enough natural light. I do not wish to switch on light during the day. Airy, open space with enough light coming into the place sans clutter. The last thing I want to be is a hoarder. With the concept of openness, I really into this articles from Apartment Therapy. Open kitchen shelves!

Here the tips from them:

  1. Cups, dishes and bowls look good / food looks bad = avoid open food storage
  2. It is important to edit down and organize your collection = only shelve what you love
  3. Allow everything to breathe visually = space between objects is important
  4. Plates (heavy) go on the bottom / glasses (light) go above
  5. A darker or colored background provides contrast and can highlight the style of your dishes
  6. A mirrored background will reflect a ton of light and open up a small space

Here how open shelves look in kitchen

staircase in kitchen ..why not!

I absolutely love this!




One thought on “So Called Domestic Talk

  1. suhanazam says:

    I loike the one u grinned at….
    But planning is always the best part…wkakakaka…keep on dreaminnn

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